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Species At Risk Act
Thu, Sep 11, 2003

The Species at Risk Act (SARA) provides the authority to prohibit the destruction of endangered or threatened species and their critical habitat on all lands in Canada. The Act also provides the emergency authority to list species in imminent danger.

On June 5, 2003 in Ottawa, on behalf of the Government of Canada, the Honourable David Anderson, Minister of the Environment, announced the proclamation into law of the Species at Risk Act (SARA). The Act is designed as a key tool for the conservation and protection of Canada's biological diversity and fulfills a key commitment under the International Convention on Biodiversity.

"Canada's wildlife species and the ecosystems they live within are an important part of the natural heritage of our country and the world," said Minister Anderson. "The Species at Risk Act is a major step towards protecting species at risk and their habitats in Canada, but it is by no means the last. Our journey to conserve biodiversity must be ongoing so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same benefits of nature as we do today."

Minister Anderson emphasized that the Species at Risk Act is a new approach in Canadian legislation, thoroughly modern and showing each step in the assessment, listing and recovery processes for species at risk. "This Act is responsive to the people of Canada," he said. "It conserves nature while engaging Canadians through stewardship, especially those who make a living from nature."

SARA may influence proposed development of sites, implementation of modifications to existing sites and mandate habitat conservation or recovery.
Contact G3 Consulting Ltd. to find out if your project may require special consideration to accommodate SARA requirements.

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