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Assessment Services (229kb)

G3 offers a wide range of assessment services including Riparian Area Regulation (RAR), Fish/Fish Habitat, Biophysical, Fish Passage Culvert Inspection and Species At Risk Act (SARA) Assessments.

Biophysical & Underwater ROV Services (1288kb)

G3 has applied experience in fish habitat assessment, mitigation, compensation, compliance monitoring, restoration and implementation of instream and riparian improvements. G3 employs SCUBA and/or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology for assessments requiring dangerous or deep water assessments.

Corporate Service Profile (1209kb)
      G3 Consulting Ltd. (G3) provides effective environmental services through innovative and defensible science. As an aquatic based research firm, G3 routinely develops programs and assesses data converning potential impacts, influence or risks associated with point and non-point discharges on freshwater and marine ecosystems, watersheds, resources and associated habitat and water quality.

Diver Training & Underwater Surveys (2395kb)

G3 provides training to certified WCB divers in all aspects of underwater surveying and data collection. G3 divers are commercially certified as Unrestricted WCB Divers with Dive Accident Management, Oxygen Therapy, Level 1 First Aid and Certification as qualified Boat Tenders and other specialized Training. G3 provides a team of experienced staff in a variety of assessment types.

Integrated Environmental Assessment & Laboratory Services (2411kb)

G3 provides services in periphyton and benthic invertebrate taxonomy, fish aging, ultratrace dissections and histopathology as well as integrated data reporting, analysis and comparisons.

Mining & Pulp and Paper EEM (2125kb)

Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) is a nationally consistent, site-specific, non-prescriptive environmental program intended to assist in determining whether mining and milling operations have negatively affected their aquatic receiving environment. EEM is currently a requirement for regulated mills and mines under the Regulations Amending the Pulp and Paper Effluent Regulations (RAPPER) and  Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER), both under the authority of the Fisheries Act.

Monitoring & Assessment Aquaculture Services (2811kb)

G3 offers a full range of aquatic environmental services to the aquaculture sector, including CEAA assessments and  monitoring.

Please select a group of services:

Environmental Construction Monitoring
G3 Consulting Ltd. has many years of experience with Environmental Construction Monitoring. We can effectively design, manage, implement and report for you and your project. We will effectively acquire the appropriate regulatory approvals and permits required for your project, monitor and compensate for loss of fish and/or fish habitat, design and implement sediment erosion control plans, design and install instream structures, design and implement site stabilization measures, design protocols and best management practices, conduct site construction and environmental monitoring, and efficiently document and report your project to the applicable agencies.

Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM)
G3 has many years of experience conducting EEM and related marine and freshwater environmental investigations on behalf of the mining, forestry, pulp and paper and other industrial sectors and all levels of government. G3 provides a well managed, focussed, scientifically-capable group of individuals, dedicated to high quality, useable products. G3's team of experts represent scientific and technical disciplines of biology, ecology, limnology, chemistry, engineering, geology, forestry, oceanography, GIS and information technologies.

Applied Aquatic Research, Assessment & Monitoring
Freshwater and marine aquatic research is the core business of G3 Consulting Ltd. G3 employs specialists in aquatic toxicology, limnology, benthic invertebrate taxonomy, marine biology and fisheries biology to conduct applied aquatic research and a wide variety of assessment and monitoring programs. Please contact us for a quote or to discuss our service capabilities.

Ecosystem & Human Health Risk Assessments
Risk assessment determines exposure pathways, target and susceptible species, and exposure levels. G3 places an emphasis on making ecologically relevant conclusions within budget, time and guideline constraints. G3 has developed wastewater policies for large industrial sites and investigated potential sources of water contamination and toxicity, outlining possible system deficiencies and recommending monitoring regimens and parameters. G3 conducts investigations of marine receiving waters to establish potential boundaries of influence of industrial discharge and ambient system concentrations and bioavailability of a variety of compounds (e.g., organochlorines, metals, biosolids). Evaluations include assessment of potential risk to fish, fisheries resources and habitats, and human health presented by these discharges.

Foreshore Biophysical Assessments (Diving/ROV)
G3 has considerable expertise in foreshore biophysical assessments and has conducted numerous programs for industry and government as part of CEAA or HADD compensation site effectiveness monitoring and compliance assessments, log-handling audits, etc. In addition G3 has developed training materials for federal DFO CEAA Compliance Officers, Best Management Procedures and Guidebooks for Environmental Sustainability in Log Handling and Bundle Strand Recycling. Numerous foreshore surveys and underwater studies and development of many compensation structures and monitoring programs have been conducted. As well, marine surveys, numerous digital bathymetric mapping studies, BMP reports and initiatives, ROV studies and applied marine research have combined with our knowledge of BC coastal water and contacts with federal and provincial agencies to enable G3 to put together an approach to work which is both cost effective and scientifically-defensible.

Fish/Fisheries Habitat Assessments
G3 has extensive experience with data collection, application and interpretation associated with fish and fish habitat inventory assessment. G3 has expertise in FDIS systems, mapping and GIS related issues as well as the inventory and classification process. G3's personnel are certified and experienced in electrofishing and maintain applicable training and experience.

CEAA/Mitigation Planning/Compensation/Permit Applications
G3 is routinely involved in work concerning Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) applications and approval by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Navigable Water Protection Act by Transport Canada and Section 9 of the Waters Act. In accordance with DFO's policy of protecting potential fish presence and related habitat, projects include design, approval, implementation, installation of habitat Compensation and/or mitigation plans to off-set any potential impacts and long term monitoring.

Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) Assessments
G3 provides Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) services for private landowners, developers and industry requiring various levels of RAR assessments. Assessment components include fish, fish habitat, hazard tree, sediment and erosion control, vegetation, hydrology, surveying, litter fall, mitigation, shade and LWD. G3 is capable of providing a range of services commensurate to client needs.

Species at Risk Act (SARA) Assessments
The Species at Risk Act (SARA) provides the authority to prohibit the destruction of endangered or threatened species and their critical habitat on all lands in Canada. The Act provides emergency authority to list species in imminent danger, supplies a key tool for the conservation and protection of Canada's biological diversity and fulfills a key commitment under the International Convention on Biodiversity. Under SARA it is an offence to kill, harm, harass, capture, take, possess, collect or sell species at risk protected by the Act. It is also an offence to possess, collect, trade or sell parts or products derived from protected species. As well, it is illegal to destroy or damage the residence or critical habitat of the species, necessary for their survival and recovery. G3 has conducted numerous field and research-based SARA assessments on behalf of First Nations, government and industry for a variety of purposes. Please contact G3 to discuss SARA service options.

Environmental Site Assessment & Contaminated Site Services
G3 conducts site assessments on behalf of property owners, developers, law firms and financial institutions in response to legal requirements under the Contaminated Sites Regulations of the BC Waste Management Act, the BC Waters Act, federal Fisheries Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act or Contaminated Sites Regulations (CSR). Investigations focus on establishing potential sources of water and soil contamination and toxicity associated with current or historical site activities. A tiered process of examination and analyses defines magnitude and extent of potential contaminants and any need for remedial action.

Construction Monitoring & Silt Control Design
Construction monitoring and silt control design and manufacture is a component of many construction projects. Monitoring services provided by G3 include:

  • assurance project construction activities comply with environmental provision as defined in project approvals, authorizations and permits;
  • assurance applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines are followed;
  • assurance contract documents and specification are followed;
  • quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC);
  • review and assistance with preparation of environmental management plans (e.g. erosion and sediment control plans and spill control plans);
  • design and manufacture of project specific silt control products (e.g. curtains);
  • interpretation of environmental authorizations, approvals, permits, standards and guidelines;
  • advice to safeguard the Project Owner and Construction Contractor from unnecessary environmental risk;
  • monitoring of environmental variables;
  • communication liaison between owner, contractor, environmental representatives and other regulatory agencies;
  • assurance corporate environmental management programs and policies are followed; and,
  • assurance industry Best Management Practices (BMPs) are utilized.
G3 has formally trained and experienced staff for construction monitoring which provide quality assurance that project environmental management commitments and standards are being achieved. G3 provides a unique combination of services and expertise for construction monitoring and silt control design services. G3 can guide a project from inception through to completion.

Taxonomic & Laboratory Services
G3 has highly qualified personnel who provide laboratory services that include:

  • enumeration and taxonomy of benthic invertebrate and samples;
  • characterization and taxonomy of periphyton samples;
  • dissection of fish and crustacean tissues and histopathogy services; and,
  • fish age analysis.
Much of this work is conducted on a routine basis for numerous industrial clients and related to large-scale projects in which G3 is involved. Tissue samples often undergo parts-per-trillion analyses and G3 is therefore required to employ rigorous QA/QC procedures and ultratrace protocols. G3 handles requests of any size and works with the client to develop analytical programs specific to their requirements. G3 offers the unique capability to perform both freshwater and marine taxonomic services which is both cost effective and scientifically defensible.

Aquaculture Research, Issues & Policy
G3 has undertaken research projects pertaining to waste management in the aquaculture industry. G3 has made comparisons of operational and capital costs of closed and open cage systems and related technologies, and analyzed applicable national and international regulations. Further G3 has conducted SCUBA, ROV and integrated water quality assessments for CEAA and provincial tenure or lease applications and associated monitoring.

Environmental Data & Management Systems
G3 provides specialized data-management expertise pertaining to environmental assessment and monitoring, including conceptual design and creation of data collection, handling and formatting protocols, forms, and user manuals. Among G3's data management experience was a four-year project to develop and program a relational software reporting system for data collected during Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) conducted on behalf of the pulp and paper industry. Coding and reporting requirements were incorporated as required to permit direct importing of information to the federal environmental database. Software enabled direct reporting to government in a specified format, while remaining sufficiently generic to facilitate entry of non-program-specific data from other environmental sectors. G3 works with Application Service Providers (ASPs) to provide remote data storage, access and multiuser review and application.

Watershed Restoration Services
G3 is dedication to scientific excellence and rigorous QA/QC, together with our interdisciplinary team approach and innovative mapping and design capabilities, have ensured repeat business, an expanding client base, and multi-year programs. Clients have included First Nations, forest companies, and rural community organizations. Comprehensive projects have combined Watershed, Channel, Fish Habitat, and Riparian Assessments; Sediment Source Surveys; Fish Passage Culvert Inspections; and development of Integrated Watershed Restoration Plans and Effectiveness Monitoring Systems and Plans. A key service provided by G3 includes fish/fisheries culvert assessments. G3's extensive experience with culvert assessments is proven in the numerous fish inventories, Level I & II habitat assessments and fish passage culvert inspections conducted and in the development and implemented of large-scale watershed restoration prescriptions. G3 was also retained by the provincial government to specifically test and provide recommendations on the Fish Passage Culvert Inspection draft protocols.

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