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Key Projects We've placed a number of key projects online that we've worked on in the past in order to provide examples of how some of our services are used in the real world.
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Data Management System Development

  • Fish/Fisheries Habitat Assessments
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM)
  • Environmental Data & Management Systems

G3 has established data management systems to collect data as part of the Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) and other national programs conducted on behalf of the pulp and paper and other industries. This requires incorporating coding and reporting requirements as required to permit direct importing of information to the federal and provincial environmental databases. Program data for storage ranged from site- and sample-specific information (lat/long, date, site and sample descriptions, depth, etc.), to taxonomic information to virtually any chemical or toxicological result. 

G3 was also involved in the conceptual design and creation of fish, fisheries resources assessment data collection, handling and formatting protocols, forms and user manuals which were adaptable to any form of field and biota dissection, or health assessment indices data. Procedures were intended to ensure appropriate data were collected, stored and formatted in such a way as to maintain information integrity.

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