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Key Projects We've placed a number of key projects online that we've worked on in the past in order to provide examples of how some of our services are used in the real world.
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Toxicological Research

  • Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM)
  • Applied Aquatic Research, Assessment & Monitoring
  • Ecosystem & Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Fish/Fisheries Habitat Assessments
  • Environmental Site Assessment & Contaminated Site Services

G3 has many years of experience conducting toxicological research for EEM and related marine and freshwater environmental investigations on behalf of industrial, First Nations and all levels of government (e.g., organochlorines, metals, biosolids, confounding influences, bioavailability of compounds to fish). G3 offers experience and expertise in many aspects of toxicological and watershed-level assessments, ecosystem risk assessment, environmental effects monitoring (EEM), site impact assessment, ecological and human health risk assessment, benthic invertebrate and substrate assessments, fisheries resources, inventories and enumerations, and operational inventories, with particular expertise in benthic communities, statistical program development, fish, fish habitat, and life-cycle, health-risk, restorative prescriptions and mitigation, and resource management.

G3 has conducted fisheries investigations for EEM programs to establish potential boundaries of influence of industrial discharge and ambient system concentrations of a variety of compounds. Evaluations include assessment of fish, fisheries resources (i.e. benthic invertebrates, periphyton, substrates and water quality) and habitats potentially influenced by these discharges. 

Design and implementation experience of environmental effects assessment programs on behalf of industrial operations. Industries investigations include current and historical operations with respect to potential environmental impact on the region. 

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