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Key Projects We've placed a number of key projects online that we've worked on in the past in order to provide examples of how some of our services are used in the real world.
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Biophysical Habitat Assessments & Policy

  • Fish/Fisheries Habitat Assessments
  • Foreshore Biophysical Assessments (Diving/ROV)
  • Ecosystem & Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Applied Aquatic Research, Assessment & Monitoring
  • CEAA/Mitigation Planning/Compensation/Permit Applications

G3 has the expertise to perform biophysical, biological, toxicological and audits of a variety of marine development or industrial areas. G3 also provides services to assess the effectiveness of mitigation and compensation measures and overall No-Net-Loss (NNL) policy as applied in the different DFO jurisdictions. NNL services include compensation planning and design, installation of compensation structures and pre, during and post installation monitoring. Recommendations pertaining to federal procedures and effectiveness of the NNL have been provided and published as technical manuscripts.

No Net Loss of Fish Habitat: An Audit of Coastal Log-Handling Facilities in British Columbia, 1994-1999

G3 provides preliminary ecological assessment services for private, government, industry and First Nations as part of preliminary environmental risk assessments.

Phase 1 assessment services objectives include identification of potential sources of contaminants from current or historical activities, assessment of types of general environmental health concerns and description of potential risk to health from exposure to any potential issues identified.

G3 has extensive expertise and experience with marine and freshwater biophysical and environmental assessment. Work includes biophysical foreshore diving assessments, compensation construction and monitoring, bathymetric evaluations, fisheries assessments, SARA assessments and fisheries and marine mammal investigations.

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